What are the steps for SMSF setup?

Being counted as a trusted SMSF Advisor in Australia, we undertake all the essential steps of SMSF setup on your behalf to save your precious time and efforts. SMSF Perth will go through all processes to help the trustees in every aspect by conducting the operations with the utmost sincerity, ensuring zero errors. We have made a checklist that can assure that you can set up your SMSF in an appropriate way

Step 1: Book in an appointment with us

To set up an SMSF, book in a face-to-face meeting with one of our SMSF experts and we will help you assess your needs for the SMSF, as well as complete the application form. The entire process is simple to comprehend and will happen in a quick span of time.

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Step 2: We do the”SMSF Establishment Documentation,” for you

The “SMSF Establishment Documentation” incorporates:

  • SMSF Trust Deed
  • Providing documentation to select Trustees
  • Trustee Declarations
  • Lodgement of an Election for your SMSF to turn into a Regulated SMSF
  • ATO Application to get a Tax File Number for your SMSF
  • ATO Application to get an Australian Business Number for your SMSF
  • Test Investment Strategy that you can embrace for your SMSF or change whenever required.
  • Goals and minutes to recognise the foundation of your SMSF
  • Application to build up a Bank Account with your favoured Bank.
  • Application to build up a Broker Account with your favoured Broker.

Step 3: Print and audit the pre-populated SMSF Establishment Documentation

We, at SMSF Advisor Australia, willprepare the ‘SMSF Establishment Documentation’ which has all the documents needed to set up your SMSF, including the SMSF Trust Deed. If you want to make any changes, you are provided one month to audit the documentation including the SMSF Trust Deed and can drop in or email the application with no additional charges.

Step 4: Sign and Submit SMSF Establishment Documentation

When you sign and transfer the documents, our SMSF Accountants will begin setting up the SMSF for you. This incorporates enlisting the SMSF with the ATO and and sometimes the setup of the Transaction Bank Account and Share Trading Account (if applicable). Once you sign and transfer the Establishment Documentation, it can take roughly a month to build up your SMSF.

Step 5: Setting up your SMSF Bank Account (optional)

SMSF Australia will set up your Transaction Bank Account for your SMSF. It requires no records from your side for every year as we already have access to your data. We only have your electronic data information documents and have no admittance to your Transaction Bank Account. You can decide to have a Commonwealth Bank Accelerator Cash Account, Macquarie bank account, or a completely different bank account of your choosing.

Step 6: Confirmation of SMSF Establishment

This Package will include:

  • SMSF Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN).
  • SMSF CBA Accelerator Cash Account Details
  • Prepopulated Rollover Forms to Rollover your current Super Benefit to your SMSF.
  • Prepopulated Employee Standard Choice Form to empower your SMSF to get Employer Super Contributions.
  • Rollover of your Existing Super Benefit to your SMSF Bank Account

After the establishment of your SMSF, you can apply to your present Superfund to move your current Super Benefit to your new SMSF.

Step 7: Start Investing

As soon as you turn over your Super Benefit, you can invest right away!


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