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5 Reasons To Choose SMSF Over Any Other Type Of Investment Funds

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February 9, 2021

An SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) is a fund system with the objective of providing for your retirement. Many Australian citizens are looking forward to taking control and get more involved in superannuation. If you want your funds to perform efficiently, reducing risks, and receive returns for the future, SMSF is the best. This article will explain to you what are the reasons to choose SMSF, following which you can look for SMSF consultants.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Choose SMSF as a Investment options

1. Investment Choices

SMSF is an investment control system includes wider investment choices, like term deposits, commercial and residential properties, collectibles, direct shares, etc. If you are a business owner, it is highly recommended to have business assets owned by SMSFs. It will give you a stream income and frees up your capital. Your business can grow and offer secure tenancy.

2. Taking Care of the Entire Family

SMSF can help in taking care of every member of the family. However, this is not possible with other kinds of superannuation funds. Having the super assets of your family members in one flexible SMSF fund makes everything a lot easier. It helps in analysing essential matters and needs in estate planning and many other things too.

3. Flexibility and Control

A self-managed superannuation fund provides an opportunity to be more flexible and authoritative over operations. You get control over operations like tax strategies, fund investments, and estate planning. You can use specialist services like accounting and administration, dealing with self-managed funds, etc. As a result, you can freely concentrate on your investment strategy with your financial planner. In short, you have the flexibility to determine the financial goals and how to achieve them. If you want, the best SMSF management can provide the services to you.

4. Insurance

Many industry funds provide income protection, total or permanent disability, and life protection. While looking for a superannuation fund, it is crucial to look after the things covered in it with the price. The low-fee funds may not include insurance, and many people commit the mistake of opting for it. It is an important aspect to consider while choosing a superannuation fund. If you speak with the professionals, they can help you with that.

5. Minimise Expenses and Taxes

Managing the SMSF is more affordable when compared to any other superannuation. It is more beneficial in terms of expenses and tax reliefs. Based on particular circumstances, strategic decisions can be made in self-managed super funds. With that, it helps to reduce the amount to pay for the tax. You can also keep your other investments aside and start using the income that you receive from SMSFs.

The above points are the main reasons to consider why you should opt for SMSF accountants Perth. In case you wish to know more before you go ahead with it. Here are some more reasons to look at.

Some Other Reasons to Choose SMSF Over Any Other Type Of Investment Funds

  • Protection of Assets

For many people, asset consideration is also an aspect. It is mainly for superannuation and business owner wanting to safeguard their family members from bankruptcy and litigation. In any of these situations, the perks of superannuation funds are to safeguard from creditors. If a business venture fails, the owner must leave superannuation balance as their asset. But with SMSF, it cannot be used to bring your struggling business to life.

  • Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

With investing at the right place at the correct time, you can enjoy several perks. While strategising, you can consider wealth distribution. With that, you can leave your taxable pensions for dependents who will receive them without including the tax.

  • Fees

The lower the fee is, the better it is for you. The account fee can minimise your saving, which is why the funds will get affected during your retirement. The annual fee can be any number ranging from a few to thousands of dollars. It depends on the funds you have in your account. That’s why you should consider all the aspects of superannuation and opt for it. SMSF is a suitable choice, and the SMSF returns are higher. It is better to speak with the right consultants as they can guide you.

  • Borrowing Money to Invest in Properties

SMSF members can buy huge single assets like commercial properties which was not possible earlier. It’s because the price of the property is quite high, so you cannot afford it. But now you are in a position to do so. You have more funds to maintain your property. Most importantly, some prerequisites are there that you must keep into consideration. For that, the consultants are always there to assist you.

  • Building a Super Fund for your Family

As you know, you can have four members in an SMSF, which means that partnerships, families, and businesses can enjoy the perks. The SMSF is used to consolidate assets, building a family super fund. It is a great way to save your funds for retirement. The kinds of perks you can enjoy in SMSF, you will not get in any other superannuation. It allows you to experience a seamless transition right from accumulation to the pension phase. The best part is you don’t need to sell your assets.

Ending note

An SMSF gives you control over all your investments and involves between one to four members. All of them need to be directors or individual trustees of corporate trust. It indicates that all of them are associated with managing the funds. They are popular nowadays for a strong retirement savings structure.

If you need a good SMSF consultant in Perth, get in touch with the best. They will help to control your investments, implement effective ways to plan your estate, maximising the tax effectiveness, strategising asset protection, and many more. Thus, consider investing in Self-Managed Super Funds.

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